My name is Lovelli Fuad, and I'm the creator of Fingertip-top, my workspace on the internet. I work remotely from Indonesia as a full-stack freelancer—not to be confused with a full-stack developer. This is just to say that instead of focusing on only one limited function, I leverage digital technologies and online platforms to manage a regimen of income streams.


I try to update this blog regularly with important things going on with the website and my most recent freelancing moves. 'Try' being the action word around here. But are you missing anything particular? You can let me know what you want to read about or tweet me @lovellifuad


This is where I keep all of my stuff in one page. It functions kind of like the link-in-bio thing on instagram, where I keep every useful link and resources in line and clickable. Including a few links to my external projects. Please check it out and have a look around, so we can be sure we're on the same page.


Instead of a search box, I have a search page. I created it with the help of Google CSE. Currently Fingertip-Top doesn't have that many articles or blog posts, so you might not need to use search that much.


My contact page is where you can reach out to me with inquiries about content creation and design. Please do not abuse it or use it to send propaganda messages or branded sales pitches, as I will not be responding to them. To get a quick response, though, the best way is to say hi on social media.


So when and if I am able to release work packages, I will post them here. Keep an eye on this section.