My name is Lovelli. I’m a full-stack freelancer. Some of my favourite tools are post-its, pens, pencils, thick lined journals, iPads, desktops, and headphones. I like to have things in threes, and I’m good with my hands.

A large portion of my time is spent on acquiring digital skills, learning languages, testing things, designing, and making things. I work well independently and as part of a community. I believe that work is a natural part of a balanced life; I take conscious measures to balance and re-balance mine.

In 2013, I made the life-changing decision of participating in online learning. My goal was to digitize my life, so I started learning coding. Coding is hard; it is a way to get what I want. Working with codes helped me imagine new types of work unavailable to me otherwise.

With codes I open up new possibilities and explore what’s already available, software, websites, applications, games, and installations! I have also gained artistic fluency while learning to code. And then I began branching out into the wonderful world of data and took the data science learning path. I learned how to work with data and how to write applications.

How good are you at math?

I didn’t get to learn college math, if that’s what you’re asking. My bachelor’s degree was in the humanities. It was a liberal arts education on foreign languages and literatures at a state university.

But even though I didn’t study math in college doesn’t mean that I hate math. Not at all. My decision to make coding a part of my life did not affect my feelings toward math. It also did not make me exceptionally good at adult math.

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    Flowers in Chania
  • ’02: Recruited as assistant lecturer, UI
  • ’03: Graduated, lectured in the humanities
  • ’04 – ’06: Managed the marketing for the center for language studies, became a certified teacher of English as a foreign language, and a language test admin
  • ’06 – ’07: Assisted at the center for health research, UI
  • ’07 – ‘08: Left to learn print journalism
  • ’08 – ‘09: Launched a radio show
  • ’10: End of radio dj-ing
  • '11 - '12: Interpreting and translation intensive
  • ’13: Started coding
  • ’14 – ’15: Studied data science
  • ’16: Took up web dev & UX (manual testing)
  • '17: Adopted 4 kittens
  • '19: Launched first Gig on Fiverr

About: Finger Tip-Top

Licensed with Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Hosted on Github with Github Pages.

Built with Bootstrap 3.0. and then Bootstrap 4.0.

Still a work in progress.

This blog is written and maintained by Lovelli Fuad. Opinions are my own.

This isn’t my first online website, but this is my first attempt at getting started with GitHub Pages and Jekyll. The goal of this project is to get familiar with the process of setting up and maintaining a static site with Git. It’s a simple project.

In parallel to building and designing #fingertiptop, I was also taking responsive web design courses online. I started building with Bootstrap 3.0, and later on Bootstrap 4.0.

This project was built using the following languages: css, html, javascript, markdown, and a bit of processing for the mock-up and initial artwork. There’s still a bit of a to-do list for Finger Tip-Top, which you can view from the project’s repo. Please watch the project, star and fork it on GitHub if you plan to build something of a static site yourself.

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