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This is where you will find a list of all sorts of articles, blog posts, books, guides, and papers I’ve created, both on my own projects and elsewhere on the web. If you’re just looking for a sample of my writing style without reading through my timeline, check out my articles on Medium.

Material Releases:



How to connect with your newly installed MySQL Server and Workbench and test the connection from your Windows machine using a database.

How to setup a digital plan for your digital journey.


A guide through the Meteor JS installation process, written to help beginners get started with their first Meteor app on Windows.


Presenting the differences (and similarities) between a few notoriously confusable blog-related terms.


These inspiring style guides are useful resources for writing for the web and for your personal branding project.

A list of activities you can do with your PayPal account—other than online shopping.

Why you need PayPal to work online and how to set up your account for freelancing.

These free online Massive Open Online Course or MOOCs will help you internalize the social changes that are happening in our society.

A list of common resources to help you create and improve your content.



A list of 12 quite recent social media platforms for content distribution.

What should you put in your freelance writing portfolio when you've got nothing to show?

If anyone asks, here are all the possible reasons why you are not an influencer blogger just yet.

A step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide to stocking up your stash.


A handful of places where you might be able to find your first freelance gig.

Some of the best and the most recent courses and tutorials from the internet.

Here are some favourite sayings from the world of work and technology.

In an ideal world, your personal blog is your best branding tool.

Not necessarily brand new, but these platforms might be unknown to you.

Exactly how to list those up-and-coming online courses on your resume.


These are the most popular Twitter hashtags every writer needs to know and use on the social media.

How you can receive and request payment safely and quickly from anywhere in the world and escape the high fees using Payoneer.


Get to know the digital marketing opportunities you can navigate when going digital.

A guide to help you with your MySQL installation, from downloading the installer to applying the finishing touches.

Three ways to confidently and conveniently work with code snippets in Microsoft Word.


This hub guides you in installing the MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 using the Community Installer.

Will your bio get you followed, listed, hired, or blocked?

A look into what makes MySQL superior to other relational databases that are based on relatively similar syntaxes


A list of open-source platforms your developers might love.